Summer Promotional Products: A Guide

What are some popular summer promotional items? As temperatures rise, customers at start searching for the perfect summer promotional items. Some popular options include custom-printed sunshades, branded beach chairs, and logo-emblazoned beach bags. But there’s more to summer promotion than just beach gear. Consider promotional lanyards, paper wristbands, concert wristbands, silicone wristbands, and more. […]

Tyvek paper wristbands serve not only as identification aids but also as powerful marketing instruments


Businesses on the website purchase Tyvek wristbands to ensure event security and identify attendees. Many, however, overlook the wristband’s potential as an outstanding promotional item for their brand. Customized Tyvek wristbands as corporate advertisements During an event, Tyvek wristbands can be any color, allowing organizers to designate access to specific areas or amenities based […]

Cintapunto on the Rema Days 2023

The Rema Days trade fair, which is the largest advertising and printing industry exhibition in Poland, took place this year. Cintapunto brand was honoured to participate as an exhibitor, showcasing a wide range of promotional products. This article will summarise the exhibition and highlight the most popular products. Promotional wristbands were the highlight of the […]

Cotton Shopping Tote Bag – what are its benefits?

Many marketing gadgets can be an effective tool for promoting a brand or service. It is always worth remembering that products should be useful in everyday life. Therefore, accessories such as a facemasks, tote bags or hand sanitizer wristbands are excellent choices for potential customers. And a foldable cotton tote is a gadget that will […]

What is RFID technology?

Radio frequency identification technology isometric vector concept with rfid reader scanner

Everything you want to know about RFID technology Today we want to introduce you to RFID technology. What is it, where can it be used, how to make our life easier? How does RIFD work? RFID is Radio Frequency Identification. This technology uses wireless communication using electromagnetic waves. This allows you to identify people or […]

5 Hygiene Benefits – Hand Sanitizer Wristband

Are Hand Sanitizer Wristbands effective? Our present demands constant personal hygiene. Items such as face masks or hand sanitizers gel have become essential accessories for walking or traveling. The disinfection wristband is a new accessory that is slowly becoming a hit. What for? Here are 5 main benefits you can get! Hand sanitizer wristbands — […]

How to overcome non-adherence to social distancing in school?

The idea of reactivating schools in the context of social distancing still raises many questions. Especially when it comes to managing a big number of students attending the institution. Many countries in Europe are still exploring solutions to this problem. Here are some great tips to help your school get started again without increasing risk […]

Is it really worth using promotional gadgets?

Advertising lanyards are by far one of the most bought and used marketing gadgets due to their small size and high functionality.They have been especially valued by the promotional departments ofdifferent companies who use them for a wide variety of events. Companies appreciate the low production costs and the opportunities for effective content marketing. For […]

Is it Worth to Customise Lanyards?

Among the huge number of promo gadgets, it is difficult not to mention the lanyards, which are still in production despite the years and changing trends. Both individual customers and entire companies willingly choose them as a way to advertise their services and products. And all this is due to the low cost, efficiency of […]

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