Summer Promotional Products: A Guide

Contents1 What are some popular summer promotional items?2 Why is summer an ideal time for advertising?3 Vacations offer prime advertising opportunities4 What other summer promotional items are there besides beach gear?5 What can you advertise on wristbands or lanyards?6 How to choose the right summer promotional items? What are some [...]

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Tyvek paper wristbands serve not only as identification aids but also as powerful marketing instruments

Contents1 Customized Tyvek wristbands as corporate advertisements2 Tyvek paper wristbands in the digital realm3 Which wristbands should you choose? Tyvek or Cinta®?4 What promotional items [...]


Cintapunto on the Rema Days 2023

Contents1 Promotional wristbands were the highlight of the Rema Days trade fair2 Personal client meetings3 Summary The Rema Days trade fair, which is the largest [...]

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Tyvek Wristbands For Nightclubs

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Cotton Shopping Tote Bag – what are its benefits?

Contents1 Recycled cotton tote bag and its usage1.1 Eco friendly tote bag instead of disposable one1.2 The cotton bag is not just for shopping!2 Custom [...]

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What is RFID technology?

Contents1 Everything you want to know about RFID technology2 Where is RFID currently used?2.1 Everyday RFID2.2 We will provide you with RFID wristbands Everything you [...]

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5 Hygiene Benefits – Hand Sanitizer Wristband

Contents1 Are Hand Sanitizer Wristbands effective?1.1 Hand sanitizer wristbands — supporting hygiene in any situation1.2 The Hand Sanitizer Wristbands is good for everyone1.3 Skin friendly [...]

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How to overcome non-adherence to social distancing in school?

Contents1 Here are some great tips to help your school get started again without increasing risk1.1 What are the benefits of using ID wristbands?2 Practical [...]

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Is it really worth using promotional gadgets?

Advertising lanyards are by far one of the most bought and used marketing gadgets due to their small size and high functionality.They have been especially [...]