How to overcome non-adherence to social distancing in school?

The idea of reactivating schools in the context of social distancing still raises many questions. Especially when it comes to managing a big number of students attending the institution. Many countries in Europe are still exploring solutions to this problem. Contents1 Here are some great tips to help your school get started again without increasing […]

Is it really worth using promotional gadgets?

Advertising lanyards are by far one of the most bought and used marketing gadgets due to their small size and high functionality.They have been especially valued by the promotional departments ofdifferent companies who use them for a wide variety of events. Companies appreciate the low production costs and the opportunities for effective content marketing. For […]

Purpose and Features of Using Lanyards?

It is extremely difficult to find products that combine high functionality in everyday life with an original and attractive look. Often things that are useful and have valuable functions are excessively unsightly, and their presentation leaves a lot to be desired. You can also find the opposite side. Beautiful things, the aesthetics of which have […]