Purpose and Features of Using Lanyards?

It is extremely difficult to find products that combine high functionality in everyday life with an original and attractive look. Often things that are useful and have valuable functions are excessively unsightly, and their presentation leaves a lot to be desired. You can also find the opposite side. Beautiful things, the aesthetics of which have been brought down to the smallest detail, turn out to be incredibly imperfect and fail at functionality.

Things should be functional, either help in a specific task, or make it easier to solve a problem. However, nothing prevents a highly functional product from looking just fantastic. The visual aspect of accessories is extremely important — sometimes basing on it, buyers make purchases and thus try to find a product that will suit their style or habits. In addition, it allows, for example, to promote or inform about a given service or product. A very good example are lanyards, which are one of the most popular and used marketing gadgets.

What is the benefit of promotional lanyards?

Most lanyards are of the same shape and workmanship, but each model can differ in many details, such as color, print or decoration. Thanks to the multifunctional dog clip, many things can be attached to them:

  • the keys
  • flash drives
  • electronic cigarette
  • ID
  • mobile phones
  • glasses in a case

One of the most commonly used applications is primarily identification cards — attaching them to lanyards makes it easy to recognize employees for security or technical services. Attaching an object reduces the chance of losing it — it is almost always in our field of view and may not be accidentally put in a completely different place. Such a solution is suitable for the keys. How many times have we looked for them in a hurry, and the small size made it difficult to find them? The lanyard also prevents items from unawares dropping out of pockets or when holding many things in your hands. Its functional structure allows you to forget about such problems and to focus on other, definitely more important issues.

Will lanyards be used in product promoting?

Marketing gadgets for a specific product, brand or the whole company is one of the unavoidable elements of promotion. The great popularity of promotional lanyards allows us to conclude that their use in advertising is absolutely justified. Moreover, each lanyard looks completely different and not similar to each other:

  • Colour,
  • Text,
  • Background patterns and gradients,
  • Length and width.

So it’s hard to talk about repeatability! A situation where two completely different companies outsource the implementation of the same project is almost impossible! This ensures that the prepared advertising lanyard will be unique and stand out from the competition.

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