Summer Promotional Products: A Guide

What are some popular summer promotional items?

As temperatures rise, customers at start searching for the perfect summer promotional items. Some popular options include custom-printed sunshades, branded beach chairs, and logo-emblazoned beach bags. But there’s more to summer promotion than just beach gear. Consider promotional lanyards, paper wristbands, concert wristbands, silicone wristbands, and more.

Why is summer an ideal time for advertising?

During winter, promotional opportunities tend to be limited to indoor spaces and closed rooms. As the weather warms up, outdoor events start to flourish and continue through late fall, providing ample opportunities to promote your brand or project. These events can attract large crowds, with some concerts and festivals drawing hundreds of thousands of attendees. Fabric identification wristbands and TYVEK paper wristbands are perfect for such occasions.

Vacations offer prime advertising opportunities

People spend money on entertainment and relaxation during their vacations. When they head to the beach, they often bring beach chairs, sunshades, and beach bags, all of which can display advertising. By purchasing several of these beach-themed promotional items, you can advertise your seaside business effectively. A clever idea will catch beachgoers’ attention and help them recognize your brand. Large corporations, too, can use beach chairs or sunshades to promote their products, such as refreshing beverages on hot summer days. Advertising agencies can offer a variety of creative solutions, but remember that planning a major campaign and preparing large quantities of promotional items often starts in winter or even fall.

What other summer promotional items are there besides beach gear?

In addition to the beach-related items mentioned earlier, TYVEK paper wristbands, fabric wristbands, and printed silicone wristbands make for unique promotional products. These items are often used as identifiers at club events, concerts, or festivals. The colors can indicate who has access to specific event zones. Don’t miss this great opportunity; wristbands can also serve as an excellent canvas for your advertisement.

What can you advertise on wristbands or lanyards?

Lanyards can be printed with single or double-sided designs featuring any content you like, as can silicone wristbands. TYVEK paper wristbands, however, are printed on one side only. Wristbands are more than just graphic carriers; they can also connect users to the digital world. Paper and silicone wristbands can be equipped with electronic chips or printed with QR codes, opening up new advertising possibilities.

How to choose the right summer promotional items?

We’ve discussed a range of summer promotional items above. However, smaller clients and advertising agencies might be unsure about which items to combine for a successful campaign. That’s where Cintapunto’s team comes in, offering expert guidance to create a promotional campaign that delivers maximum benefits and customer satisfaction.

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