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Custom lanyards

Our printed lanyards are characterized by perfect print quality, which is durable and legible. Sublimation printing offers unlimited color options for your creativity, allows you to decorate the entire surface of the tape with any motif. The print motif is “fused” into the ribbon, which provides excellent durability and resistance to abrasion. This special printing technology means that even photos can be put on the lanyards!

$0.63$0.83 ex TAX
$0.46$0.55 ex TAX
$30.47 ex TAX
$26.4 ex TAX

Lanyards are equipped with a standard dog clip but can be ordered with any style of clip from our range. Lanyards are multifunctional. Their most popular option is displaying an ID card, access control card, membership card or name badge and carrying either keys or even a mobile phone.You can also equip it with a connector, thanks to which part of the lanyard can be detached and used separately.


Lanyards are practical and multifunctional office gadgets. They give a professional image to employees, being a convenient attachment for identifiers, keys or USB flash sticks. Lanyards are also an inseparable element of all kinds of conferences, fairs, events, and their participants willingly wear them. As a result your company's logo on the lanyard accompanies them also after the meeting, in various everyday situations.

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