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Custom Fabric and Cloth Wristbands

Elevate Your Event with Custom Cloth Wristbands

Discover the transformative power of custom cloth wristbands, a versatile accessory that can enhance the overall aesthetic of any outfit while fostering a sense of unity among participants. Commonly distributed at public gatherings, concerts, and music festivals, these wristbands facilitate seamless entry and re-entry, streamlining event logistics.

Custom Cloth Wristbands

Custom Cloth Wristbands

$1.3 ex TAX

Custom Cloth Wristbands

RFID fabric wristbands

$1.0$1.47 ex TAX

Custom Cloth Wristbands

Woven wristbands

$1.3 ex TAX

Cloth and Fabric Wristbands: Personalize Your Event Experience

With the ability to fully customize the design of your fabric wristbands, create a distinctive look that captures the essence of your event. This personalization makes our cloth wristbands not just a functional tool for event management but also a cherished keepsake that attendees will value long after the event concludes.

At Cintapunto, we specialize in crafting custom fabric wristbands for concerts and festivals. Whether you're looking for woven wristbands with your logo or text or prefer full-color CMYK printed fabric wristbands, we offer swift production and delivery times. As manufacturers, not mere importers, we guarantee rapid order fulfillment for both stock and bespoke items.

Our vibrant woven wristbands are produced using precise computer embroidery, available in up to 8 colors. For those seeking a broader palette, we also offer full-color CMYK printing on fabric wristbands. Unlike silicone or plastic options, our cloth wristbands are breathable, ensuring maximum comfort for the wearer.

Choose from secure, one-time-use plastic self-closing locks or metal rings, or opt for reusable beads for adjustable wear. This innovative approach ensures your event wristbands are not only secure and tamper-proof but also offer the soft, aesthetic appeal of fabric, elevating the attendee experience.


The minimum order quantity for both cloth and woven wristbands is 100 pieces.
Available colors for both cloth and woven wristbands include Pantone and CMYK. Woven wristbands also offer up to 8 specific colors.
Both cloth and woven wristbands are sized at 5/8" Height x 14" Length.
Cloth wristbands use sublimation printing, while woven wristbands use computer embroidery.
Lock options include plastic closure, metal clasp, bead, and eco bamboo closure for cloth wristbands, and plastic closure, metal clasp, bead, and bamboo closure for woven wristbands.
The standard lead time is 7 days, with an express mode option of 3 days.
The lead time for woven wristbands is 14 days.
Shipping for both cloth and woven wristbands takes between 2 to 5 days.
Accepted payment methods include Stripe, PayPal, and bank transfer for both cloth and woven wristbands.
Yes, an express mode with a lead time of 3 days is available for cloth wristbands.
Yes, customization is available in Pantone and CMYK colors for both cloth and woven wristbands.
The standard size for our wristbands is 5/8" H x 14" L, but for customization beyond these dimensions, please contact our support team.
Sublimation on cloth wristbands allows for vibrant, full-color designs, while computer embroidery on woven wristbands offers a textured, durable finish.
If there's any issue with your order, please contact our customer service immediately for assistance.
We stand behind the quality of our wristbands. If you encounter any quality issues, please reach out for support and potential replacements.
Once your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number via email to monitor the delivery status.
The eco bamboo closure option for cloth wristbands is an environmentally friendly choice. We are committed to sustainable practices across all our products.
Yes, our wristbands are designed to be safe for wearers of all ages, adhering to strict safety standards.
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