Double-Sided Custom Wristlet Keychain

Enhance corporate identity with Double-Sided Custom Wristlet Keychains. Ideal for branding, durable, low MOQ

Double-Sided Custom Wristlet Keychain

Enhance corporate identity with Double-Sided Custom Wristlet Keychains. Ideal for branding, durable, low MOQ

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Product specification

Min Quantity: 20 pcs.
Available Colors: Pantone, CMYK
Size: 15x900mm, 20x900mm, 25x900mm
Print Method sublimation
Lanyard attachments: dog clip, ring, gsm holder
Accessories: fuse, clip, shackle, "tear" clip, "barrel" clip, glass
Lead time: 10 business days
Lead time, express mode: 3 business days
Shipping: 1-2 business days
Payment methods: Stripe, PayPal, bank transfer

Double-Sided Custom Wristlet Keychain: Elevate Your Brand

Unlock the potential of personalized branding with our Double-Sided Custom Wristlet Keychain. Designed with businesses in mind, this innovative accessory is more than just a keychain—it’s a mobile billboard for your brand. Crafted for durability and style, it offers an effective way to enhance your company’s visibility and leave a lasting impression on your clients and partners.

Unparalleled Customization

  • Dual-Sided Design: Our keychain stands out with its full-color printing capabilities on both sides, offering double the exposure for your logo or message. This feature ensures your brand is visible from every angle, maximizing impact.
  • Quality Materials: Constructed from high-quality materials, our wristlet keychains are built to last. They withstand daily wear and tear, keeping your brand in the hands and minds of your audience for longer.
  • Versatile Use: Whether it’s for corporate giveaways, trade show handouts, or customer loyalty gifts, these keychains are perfect for any occasion. Their practicality and stylish design make them a coveted item, enhancing the perceived value of your promotional efforts.

Practical and Stylish

  • Convenience at Hand: The wristlet design ensures that keys are easily accessible and secure around your wrist, making them ideal for busy professionals on the go. This thoughtful feature adds practical value to your promotional product, enhancing user experience.
  • Low Minimum Order Quantity: Catering to businesses of all sizes, we offer a low minimum order quantity. This flexibility allows you to order the exact number you need, ensuring your promotional materials are cost-effective and waste-free.

Customize Your Way to Success

With our Double-Sided Custom Wristlet Keychain, the possibilities are endless. Choose from a wide range of colors and designs to align perfectly with your brand identity. Our team is ready to assist you in creating a unique product that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Elevate your branding strategy today and make a bold statement with every giveaway.

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