Is it really worth using promotional gadgets?

Advertising lanyards are by far one of the most bought and used marketing gadgets due to their small size and high functionality.They have been especially valued by the promotional departments ofdifferent companies who use them for a wide variety of events. Companies appreciate the low production costs and the opportunities for effective content marketing. For customers, advertising gadgets should be of high quality, have interesting color and shape and be comfortable. If your marketing campaign starts with a corporate gift, be sure to use the right accessories.

It is hard to disagree with the fact that promotional lanyards, pens and other gadgets are just colorful “knick-knacks” decorated with logos and marketing slogans. However, the results of reports from US agencies analyzing consumer behavior show something very different:

  • Nearly 80% of people who have promotional gadgets establish cooperation with the company that gave them a gift
  • 8 out of 10 US residents have at least one marketing gadget
  • More than 50% of people who have ad gadgets have been using them for 4 years
  • About 60% of people who received corporate gadgets donated them to others

Now it’s worth looking at it in a completely different way – a customized lanyard with the logo, name and slogan of the company is a convenient marketing banner that is much more memorable in your memory.Thus, promotional gadgets can be used as an extremely effective tool, which, due to the minimal costs of production and distribution, does not place such a heavy burden on the budget.

What Promotional Gadgets are the Most Popular on the Market?

Promo-gadgets should accompany potential users every day, which will allow them to feel connected with the brand and constantly advertise the company.
At the moment, the most top-end gadgets:

According to most owners, these are the most valuable examples of marketing gifts. An entrepreneur, investing little money in ads gadgets, can get really high profits, which is achieved through direct contact with the client through targeted advertising activities.

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