Cintapunto on the Rema Days 2023

The Rema Days trade fair, which is the largest advertising and printing industry exhibition in Poland, took place this year. Cintapunto brand was honoured to participate as an exhibitor, showcasing a wide range of promotional products. This article will summarise the exhibition and highlight the most popular products.

Promotional wristbands were the highlight of the Rema Days trade fair

Our promotional wristbands drew significant interest at the Rema Days trade fair, with Cinta and Tyvek paper wristbands, silicone wristbands, fabric wristbands, and promotional lanyards among the most popular. The Tyvek and Cinta paper wristbands, which we produce, were particularly sought-after.

Personal client meetings

As an advertising agency specialising in the production and sale of promotional products, we were able to meet with our existing clients and establish new connections from Poland and all over Europe. This allowed us to discuss our products together and to test them first-hand, which was immensely beneficial for our further marketing efforts.


The Rema Days trade fair is a significant event for us, which provides an opportunity to present our range of products and attract new clients. This year, promotional wristbands, particularly Tyvek and Cinta paper wristbands, proved to be exceptionally popular. We are pleased to have had the opportunity to meet with our clients and eagerly look forward to the next Rema Days trade fair.

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