Tyvek paper wristbands serve not only as identification aids but also as powerful marketing instruments


Businesses on the cintapunto.com website purchase Tyvek wristbands to ensure event security and identify attendees. Many, however, overlook the wristband’s potential as an outstanding promotional item for their brand.

Customized Tyvek wristbands as corporate advertisements

During an event, Tyvek wristbands can be any color, allowing organizers to designate access to specific areas or amenities based on color. Cintapunto can print any design on the wristbands, including “VIP” or “SUPER VIP,” as well as the company’s name and logo. This approach introduces brand recognition to a broad audience at virtually no additional cost. Additionally, it offers valuable advertising space for sponsors and partners involved in the event. Consequently, the paper wristband transcends its primary identification purpose, evolving into an effective and targeted marketing tool.

Tyvek paper wristbands in the digital realm

Tyvek wristbands can also facilitate user engagement in the virtual world, guiding them to where the event organizer intends. By incorporating a QR code or electronic chip into the wristband, new possibilities emerge for companies and advertising agencies seeking a competitive edge in a challenging advertising market.

Which wristbands should you choose? Tyvek or Cinta®?

Our consultant can help you make the right decision. Tyvek is a well-known material in the wristband industry, while Cinta® wristbands represent a second-generation technology developed by Cintapunto. Cinta® wristbands offer greater durability, hypoallergenic properties, and an improved base for integrating electronic chips. More information can be found at https://cintapunto.com/product/cinta-premium-wristbands/

What promotional items should you select?

Our knowledgeable sales representative can not only assist in choosing the best wristband but can also recommend various other promotional products such as advertising lanyards, fabric concert wristbands, or silicone wristbands and keychains. These items can enhance the overall event experience and serve as an extension of your advertising campaign.

As demonstrated, numerous opportunities exist for promoting your brand or sponsors on a limited budget. If you’re uncertain about which options to choose, our consultant will draw upon their expertise to design an outstanding advertising campaign tailored to your needs and suggest promotional items that will complement your Tyvek wristband purchase.

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